two step tango

Finding the right candidate
Directing the right candidate to the right employer.

INDIVIDUAL’S map to success

  • Get to know the Individual – Exploration
    • Consultation
    • Personal assessment
      • Evaluations
  • Follow-up with the individual – Assistance
    • Personal coaching begins
      • Networking with NoCoNet
    • Document review
      • Confirm or rework documents
  • Screening Process – Collaboration
    • Match employees with companies
      • Based on interests/experiences with the company’s culture and job description
    • Prepare candidates ready for an interview – informational or job
      • Mock interview
      • Review strengths and weaknesses
    • Contact employers – collaboration and partnership
      • Inform employers on potential candidates and give candidates to do the follow-up
  • On-boarding Process – Partnership
    • Check and review candidate credential from a background check to references check
    • Prepare them the necessary steps as they enter into the environment from thank you notes to HR company’s personnel
      • Tour of the facility
      • Give important numbers and connection with the company
  • Success Story Process – Celebration
    • Share stories by interviewing candidates for the newsletter or assisting them for presentation with NoCoNet
      • Questions for Interview:
        • Where did you get place?
        • What is your new title?
        • Is this a permanent or temporary position?
        • When is your start date?
        • How did you hear about this position?
        • How did you apply for this position? Please describe your process.
        • May I still keep in touch with you to check on your status in different increments?
        • Who will be your direct supervisor?
    • Boost up programs
      • Check with candidates with a different time frame (i.e. 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and 1 year)
  • Make It Official Process – Acknowledgment
    • Sign contracts either with the business or individual
    • Pair up with peer mentor
  • Milestones – Achievements
    • Celebrate individual’s milestones

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