Karen Wong-Brown

Thank you for your interest in working with Unified Workforce LLC. We foster communication, collaboration and professional services to all of its community members.  It is a place where everyone is treated as a valued team member with respect, inclusion and support.  Our office is a safe environment.  We encourage open conversations where everyone can freely express themselves.

Several of my passions and interests led me to create UW…

Working with people of different backgrounds.
Developing individual potential, personal & professional.
Giving back to the community.
Assisting employers in developing mechanisms for valuing and appreciating employers of all ages and backgrounds.
Professional background
  • Administrative Support
  • Human Resources
  • Customer Service
  • Counseling
Professional work experiences
  • Government Agency
  • Higher Education
  • Corporation
  • Retail Services
Community involvement
  • Board Member of community and non-profit organizations
  • Facilitator
  • Panel Participant
  • Educator

Education background

Bachelor of Arts in Political Science with an emphasis in Public Relations and Marketing and Asian Studies Certification

Master of Science in Organizational Leadership with an emphasis in Human Resource Management

My personal and professional backgrounds form the foundation of UW